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Teeth Whitening!


Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the brightness of teeth that have undergone discoloration due to various factors. It is employed to lighten the shade of teeth by several degrees, offering a practical solution for individuals dissatisfied with their current tooth color. This method provides patients with the advantage of witnessing immediate results

Our Technologies
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Smile Transformations!

Before & After
before and after on teeth whitening

How to take care of teeth
before and after teeth whitening

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  • What are the risk & complication of circumcision treatments ?
    Complications are rare with our experienced specialists
  • When can i do Circumcision?
    It is advised to do the circumcision procedure as early as possible
  • Is Circumcision procedure is painful?
    Our procedure is mostly painless with our local anaesthesia
  • How long does Circumcision procedure take?
    Because of our experienced surgeon it will take only few minutes.
  • Is the Circumcision procedure covered by insurance?
    We cover the majority of the insurance companies
  • Do we need to take prior appointment for the Circumcision procedure?
    Yes, you have to take appointment for Circumcision procedure.
  • Is there any instruction before Circumcision procedure?
    It is advised to avoid feeding the baby 30 minutes before the procedure.
  • Is there any precaution after Circumcision procedure?
    To avoid stroller seat belt and riding cycles for elder child
  • When he can take shower after the procedure?
    It is advised to take shower the next day of the procedure
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