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Radiology Departement


About Department

With patient comfort and convenience in focus, the radiology department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, structured spaciously at Dr. Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic. The department provides diagnostic services to patients as well as to people who come for regular health checkups.

Our radiology department is well-recognized for its services and high standards in the community. Highly qualified and skilled doctor, technicians, nurses, and other support staff from the “Radiology Team”.

The Radiology Department offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic imaging services which include an array of routine as well as specialized investigations.

Our Services

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Thyroid Ultrasound


Soft Tissue Ultrasound


Anomaly Scan

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Female Imaging ( Breast Ultrasound, Gynecological Ultrasound )

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Prenatal Ultrasound


Doppler Ultrasound

Our Specialist Radiologist

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8 Years of Experience

Dr. May Adel

Radiology Specialist



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