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Circumcision for Kids Starting from 999/- AED

Why Choose

Dr. Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic

​Experienced Specialists Find the best circumcision doctor in Dubai, right here at our state-of-the-art facility.​ Modern Techniques, We employ the latest in modern circumcision techniques, ensuring a swift and almost painless procedure.​

Comprehensive Aftercare Recovery is just as important as the procedure itself. Benefit from our expert aftercare tips and facilities for optimal healing.

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Why Us

At Fathi Emara Polyclinic, we proudly been part of this glorious ritual circumcision for past 50 years in UAE. Generations of Emirati nationals and Dubai expats recognize Dr Fathi Emara Polyclinic as the best clinic for circumcision.
We value your child’s well-being and safety, we are guided by our ethical and moral standards in every detail of our service. We demonstrate this through our continually transparent communication with the families of our patients.


  • Good Hygiene

  • Lower risk of baby getting urinary tract infection

  • Lower risk of men getting sexually transmitted disease

  • Lower risk of penile cancer

  • To protect the partner from cervical cancer

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Circumcision Methods

At Fathi Emara Polyclinic, we use the most advanced and safe techniques for the circumcision process. 


After careful assessment, our experienced specialist surgeon will proceed with the circumcision procedure under local anesthesia.

( A precise circumcision will be done in a few minutes )

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Types of Circumcision Services!

  • What are the risk & complication of circumcision treatments ?
    Complications are rare with our experienced specialists
  • When can i do Circumcision?
    It is advised to do the circumcision procedure as early as possible
  • Is Circumcision procedure is painful?
    Our procedure is mostly painless with our local anaesthesia
  • How long does Circumcision procedure take?
    Because of our experienced surgeon it will take only few minutes.
  • Is the Circumcision procedure covered by insurance?
    We cover the majority of the insurance companies
  • Do we need to take prior appointment for the Circumcision procedure?
    Yes, you have to take appointment for Circumcision procedure.
  • Is there any instruction before Circumcision procedure?
    It is advised to avoid feeding the baby 30 minutes before the procedure.
  • Is there any precaution after Circumcision procedure?
    To avoid stroller seat belt and riding cycles for elder child
  • When he can take shower after the procedure?
    It is advised to take shower the next day of the procedure
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Doctors at Surgical Department

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