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circumcision for all ages

Expert Circumcision Services for All Ages

Best Circumcision Clinic in Dubai

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Our Services

 Adult Circumcision 

Circumcision for adults is performed by a specialized medical team after consulting with a doctor to understand the nature of the procedure and the medical benefits to make the appropriate decision for their health condition.


 Child Circumcision 

Specializing in circumcision surgery, we are proud to provide high-quality service and comprehensive care to your little ones. For 55 years in the Emirates. Our circumcision operations are performed by a qualified medical team and using the latest medical technologies. We put the child’s safety first and ensure a comfortable and safe environment in our clinic. We rely on specialized doctors with high experience in circumcision surgery and we are keen to provide a clean and sterile environment. We understand your concerns and are here to provide the necessary information and support in asking any questions regarding the circumcision process or any concerns you would like to discuss with the doctor.  We always strive to provide a positive and comfortable experience for parents and children alike.

 Newborn Circumcision 

At Dr. Fathi Amara Medical Complex clinic, we use the latest and safest methods for circumcision. After careful evaluation, the experienced specialist surgeon will carefully examine the child and then perform the circumcision under local anesthesia. The circumcision will be performed accurately in a few minutes.


 Doctors at the Surgical Department 

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Circumcision for Kids Starting from 999/- AED


Why Us? 

  • 55+ Years of Service in Dubai

  • Experienced and Caring Medical Professionals

  • 500K+ Active Patients

  • 32+ Insurance Providers

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