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Let them Smile

Smiling Baby Girl

For your little ones smile!

At Dr. Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic, we're committed to nurturing young smiles through our specialized pediatric dentistry services, all within a welcoming, child-friendly atmosphere. Our dedicated team is enthusiastic about delivering gentle and thorough dental care, ensuring a positive experience for your little ones.

Recognizing the distinct requirements of children's oral health, we provide a variety of tailored services aimed at safeguarding the wellbeing and radiant smiles of our youngest patients.

Orthodontic Checkup
Cute Girl

Complete Dental Care
for Every Stage of Childhood

  1. Exams

  2. Orthodontic Evaluations

  3. Dental Cleanings

  4. Fluoride Treatments

  5. Dental Sealants

  6. Dental Fillings

  7. Crowns

  8. Pulpotomies

  9. Extractions and Space Maintainers

  10. Dental Care for Special Needs Children

  11. Root Canal Treatment for Kids

  12. Myobrace for Children

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