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علاجات لتقليل مقاسات الجسم عن طريق

At Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic, we excel in the application of dental veneers, which are meticulously crafted thin shells usually composed of porcelain or composite materials. Our expertise lies in enhancing smiles by securely bonding these veneers to the frontal surface of your teeth. This process effectively addresses concerns such as discoloration, alignment issues, and various other imperfections, providing a lasting improvement to your dental aesthetics.

Veneers Before and After

before and after image for dental veneers
before and after image for dental veneers

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Veneers are known to be durable and require little-to-no change in the teeth structure,
resulting in a natural-looking smile that is long-lasting.


Natural Appearance


Whiter teeth


Resists stains

Dental veneers image


Cosmetic Enhancement


Resistance to Decay


Quick Results

Our Cosmetic Dentist

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9+ Years of Experience

Dr. Ruzanna Hakobyan

General Dentist

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